Prayer Requests

  • Our total dependence on the Lord with our lives and all of our needs
  • For wisdom and fruitfulness as we minister to college students at UF
  • For wisdom as parents in raising Abigail and Joshua


    Justin was born in Alabama but raised in Cape Coral, Florida. He earned his BS from the University of Florida in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism. He taught math at SIA Tech charter high school on the Gainesville Job Corps campus. He then pursued a career as a firefighter while working as a manager at the UF bookstore. In that pursuit, God led him to pursue a career as a full time missionary to the UF campus with Gator Christian Life and Great Commission Ministries. Currently we’re ministering to college students and starting to raise a family. Justin loves kids, loves the outdoors, and he too, adores Jesus above all.

    Most Important Decision

    I was always a good kid growing up. I listened to my parents and never really got into too much trouble. In school, I did all the activities and made good grades. Out of school, I played some sports and was heavily involved with Boy Scouts. I was the typical kid who seemed like he had everything going good for him and would be successful in life. My parents, teachers, and everyone else thought so, but I wasn't sure. I could feel that there was something missing. There was no purpose or direction to my life. I was just going along, living day after day.

    At the beginning of high school, I had a lot going on and I didn't even realize that I was about to make the biggest decision in my life. My family started attending Christ Lutheran Church and I got involved with the youth group. It was a fun time with other kids my age. I saw true love and joy, something I had not seen before. It seemed as though they were experiencing a love that I was not. I also started attending a confirmation class with the church. This is where I started to learn about Jesus Christ and the love that He has for all. My new friends in youth group seemed to experience this love and I wanted to as well. This is when I realized that there is a purpose to life and that I could experience this same love that Jesus has for everyone. I learned that the only way to go to heaven was by believing that Jesus died for my sins on a cross. He was buried and three days later He rose again. At this point I decided to make the biggest decision in my life and accept Jesus Christ as my personal lord and savior.

    After this point, I knew I was going to heaven and continued to be a good kid, go to church, and youth group, but no real changed happened in my actions. This continued until I went to college and joined a campus church, Gator Christian Life. This is where I grew in my relationship with Jesus and began to understand more about Him and what it means to live as a Christian. I found true happiness in my relationship with Christ and my life took on actual purpose. I was no longer living day after day and going along, but I am now living for Jesus Christ.

    If you want to know more about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ or how to go to heaven, you can ask me or check out this site, deaftolife.com.

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