Prayer Requests

  • Our total dependence on the Lord with our lives and all of our needs
  • For wisdom and fruitfulness as we minister to college students at UF
  • For wisdom as parents in raising Abigail and Joshua


    I'm from South Florida (Boynton Beach) and have lived in Gainesville for the last 7 and a half years. I earned my BS in Psychology in 2002 at the University of Florida in Gainesville, and my masters in Secondary Education from UF in the summer of 2004. I love kids, animals, reading, the beach, and friends. I love my role as a wife and look forward to being a mother one day...hopefully soon! Most of all, I adore Jesus.


    Growing up, my family emphasized personal responsibility in choosing my own beliefs. My father was raised Jewish and my mother grew up going to church regularly. As a kid I maintained good grades, but got involved with drugs and alcohol in high school. The summer before college, two of my best friends were in a horrible car accident. As a result of that accident, one of them ended up as a quadriplegic. This tragedy left me depressed and wondering about the meaning of life. During my first semester of college, a friend shared the good news of Christ with me several times. In December of '98 he prayed with me, I received Christ, and he gave me my first bible. I began attending Gator Christian Life's Sunday services and small groups during the week in the Spring of '99. My life was radically changed by the love for Christ that I encountered though GCL.

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